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When one day we suddenly woke up to explosions and artillery shelling, we were shocked at first and only then tried to understand what was happening and what to do. After a sleepless night with under shootings and the realization that we could stay in the occupied territory, our decision was to flee from the war.

After 8 days of travel, we arrived in Weimar. We received great hospitality there. Wanting to contribute to the community and our victory, I came to OMA, AWO, and Caritas and offered my help as a psychologist.

And group activities where we shared, cried, laughed, expressed, reflected, and poured all of our grief and our hopes into our wish maps. These are the wishes of the healing people, finding their way back to themselves.

The importance of volunteer and social organizations in Weimar

And then when it was cold and dark in Ukraine due to the damage of the energy structure. The Project “Light and Heat for Ukraine” appeared when people, Germans and Ukrainians, began to bring materials, wax, cans, dishes, and paper. They came to make these candles in cans, melt the wax, and pour it in. We talked about what is important to us, what makes us happy, and what worries us, and shared personal stories of escaping from war and continuing living. We breathed, listened to music, to each other, to ourselves. We made candles, put in pieces of ourselves, of our love, empathy, the whole spectrum of emotions: all got invested in our victory and in our cause. We were proud to send a whole transporter of candles back to our homeland.

The process documentation

Voice acting: Inga Baiier


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