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Culture has been an important part of my life since I was a child. I always knew that my career would be deeply connected to culture. I decided on my first degree course, journalism when I was still at school. I was fascinated by the influence the media has on society.

I also had a strong desire for justice. I wanted to tell the stories of people who were treated unfairly by society. I wanted to use various media, such as texts, photos and videos, to show viewers the consequences of human selfishness and greed.

With the beginning of the war, my ideas about life were turned upside down. Now I could also see the darker side of media. By this I mean the potential power of media and its consequences.

That is why I will never impose my opinions on society through targeted manipulation. There must always be diversity in the media. That is my main goal: to create media products that can show people different points of view.

This is also where I see the idea of fighting against hateful attitudes in society, such as the Russian enemy ideology that has ruined my life.

Russian propaganda

I am a representative of Ukrainian culture, which is rich, but at the same time characterized by sadness due to Ukrainian history.

Ukrainian art

This also influences my works, but I don't just want to arouse pity and sadness in people. My motivation is to bring new motifs into my works and Ukrainian culture. Living in Germany, I see an opportunity to gain new international experiences, broaden my worldview, be inspired by other cultures and experiment.

By living in Weimar, a historic, culturally rich, beautiful city, I also want to learn to see the beauty without the sadness.


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