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A letter to myself from the year 2024 to the year 2022:

"My dear, I have something very banal to tell you, but also something very important: everything will be fine. You'll make it, I promise you. In 2022, you are doing everything you're supposed to do and fighting for the survival of you and your children in another country.

Thank you for deciding right away to stay present and alert, to focus on your surroundings. It was painful, but I thank you for it.

Thanks to your determination, you can now work in your specialization, as you have always wanted to. You passed both German exams very well. You have provided your children with a place to live and stability, and you have made wonderful friends.

Challenges of Ukrainian Refugees

What helped you with that? I think it helped that you didn't victimise yourself, even though you had to move to another country against your will. Your decisions in the last two years have also caused you many grey hairs and sleepless nights, but the first suits you and the second has helped you to remain human. You have wonderful people around you, who you have thanked Life for, and are still thankful.

What should you pay attention to? Keep believing in yourself and Life. Continue to do what you see as right, respect your intuition and let Life do its part. Trust it! And take good care of your health... The body is our temple and gives us the strength to live on.

Be happy, dear. It may sound silly, especially in 2022, but please be happy, because life is far too precious to see it a painful ordeal.

I love you,



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