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On the evening of 24.02.2022, around 500 people spontaneously gathered on Theaterplatz in Weimar to show their solidarity with the invaded Ukraine. Since then, a solidarity rally has been held every Sunday in Weimar by German citizens and Ukrainians. People of all ages and professions, Germans and Ukrainians, are committed to solidarity and support for Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression.

Even 2 years after the attack, on February 24, 2024, around 250 people attended the large solidarity rally in Weimar, according to the police. This is preceded by weeks of preparation. Ideas are collected, organizational details are discussed and responsibilities are assigned at the weekly rallies, privately in the coordination meeting and repeatedly online in group chats. Communication takes place with associations and initiatives from other cities in Thuringia.


On the day of the event, the second anniversary of the ongoing war of annihilation, the solidarity was expressed on Theaterplatz in a demonstration for democracy and freedom in Europe.

The contributions from some Ukrainian women who personally experienced 24.02.2022 and the speech by a Russian woman living in Weimar who spoke out against Putin's regime were also received with great interest.

Information Spenden

While democracy, freedom and the security of our society are under threat not only in Ukraine but also throughout Europe, in Germany, in Thuringia, with the return of nationalist ideologies and hatred against others, it is important to intensify cooperation between various democratic initiatives. We and other citizens must get involved. That there is a strong alliance against the coalition of right-wing populists and fascists in Europe and war criminals in Russia.

It's great how helpful German citizens were when the war in Ukraine began. And that many of them still show this clear attitude and provide practical help. It is also great to see how many Ukrainians in Germany are campaigning for the fastest possible end to the war in their country and lasting peace. They work together with Germans on projects like this to help their fellow citizens.

This cooperation contributes to in-depth communication and greater international understanding.


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